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Cycling Promotion Fund E-Newsletter March 2009

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The Cycling Promotion Fund has been busy working over summer to help
create a bicycle friendly Australia. This e-newsletter provides a snapshot
of key activities and achievements in cycling from around Australia and
overseas, as well as links for further information.

In this e-newsletter:

- 2008 Bicycling Achievement Awards
- Brisbane’s announcement of successful tenderer for public bicycle
- Bicycle cages roll out across Victoria
- Bicycle Sales in 2008 – new fact sheet released
- Adelaide’s 2009 Tour Down Under – a record breaker
- NSW BikePlan
- CPFs proposal to the National Preventative Health Taskforce
- CPF calls for bicycle friendly tax initiatives 
- CPF submits proposal for improved integration of cycling and public
transport networks
- Cycling included in Regional and Local Community Infrastructure Program
- Healthy and Active Transport proposal receives widespread endorsement
- Riders on the Hill
- CPF launches video clips on cycle safety

1. 2008 Bicycling Achievement Awards

The Bicycling Achievement Awards was established by the Cycling Promotion
Fund in 2002 to recognising innovation and commitment in the promotion and
encouragement of cycling. The former Victorian Premier, The Hon. Steve
Bracks will deliver the key note address to this years’ presentation of
the Bicycling Achievement Awards, to be held in Canberra on the 16th March
at Old Parliament House, Canberra. 

Finalists will be joined by Federal MP’s and Senators from around
Australia to celebrate the achievements of the winners.

For more information visit:
- CPF Media Release:  Australian Bicycling Achievement Awards Reflect A
National Shift to Pedal Power

Achievement Awards Media Release National 2008 FINAL.pdf

2. Brisbane’s announcement of successful tenderer for public bicycle

In December 2008, Brisbane City Council announced that French company
JCDecaux was the successful bidder to operate a public bicycle scheme
across the inner core of the Queensland capital.  From 2010, 2000 bicycles
will be distributed across 150 points across Brisbane’s inner city. 
Users will be charged $55 per year, $25 per quarter or $10 per day and are
required to return the bikes to any one of the 150 pods within 30 minutes,
to avoid additional charges. This pricing structure endures quick
turn-around times, to facilitate short trips around the city.
The Brisbane public bicycle scheme follows a growing number of highly
successful programs in Europe, where they are starting to be seen as an
extension of the public transport system and have been instrumental in
making cycling more visable. Melbourne, Sydney and Perth are currently
working on their own public bicycle schemes.

- For more information, visit Lord Mayor’s bike hire scheme rolls into

3. Bicycle cages roll out across Victoria

The Victorian Government has improved bicycle parking at 18 Melbourne
train stations and five in regional Victoria over recent months. The cages
park around 25 bikes and entry/exit is controlled via swipe card, with CCTV
providing additional security. The program is an acknowledgment that public
demand for the integration of cycling with the public transport system is

In January 2009 an expansion of the program was announced, involving an
additional 10 cages. The program is managed by Bicycle Victoria and the
cages are free, although a $50 bond is required.

- For more information, visit

4. Bicycle sales in 2008

Australians purchased over 1.2 million bicycles in 2008. This is the ninth
consecutive year in which Australians have bought more bicycles than cars.
The bicycle boom in Australia is part of a global trend that has seen
bicycle sales soar in recent years. Source: Earth Policy Institute, 2007.
The Australian bicycle industry is estimated to be worth between $950m and
$1b in 2008.

- Click here to view our new fact sheet on Bicycle Sales:

5. Adelaide’s 2009 Tour Down Under – A record breaker

The 2009 Tour Down Under cycling event in Adelaide attracted a record
number of participants, making it the largest event in South Australian
history and a tremendous boost to the economy. Official figures show the
event injected $39 million into the state’s economy, with around 36,000
visitors from interstate and overseas.

The participation of cycling great Lance Armstrong doubled the number of
visitors and produced a five-fold increase in media coverage. The
participation event Mutual Community Challenge Tour attracted in excess of
7,000 riders. This doubled the participation number from 2008 and
highlights that high profile cycling events can be a catalyst to inspire
people to get on their bicycles. 

The South Australian Premier Mike Rann took the opportunity during
Australia’s largest cycling event to announce a boost in bicycle
infrastructure investment.

- For more information, visit Tour Down Under: 

6. NSW BikePlan

With cycling levels lagging behind the other states, NSW initiated the
development of the BikePlan, to assist in boosting bicycling participation
across the state. Work has been progressing on the NSW BikePlan, with a
major report titled Cycling in New South Wales: What the data tells us now
complete. This report showed that proportionally, Sydney has the lowest
bicycle participation rate in Australia.

Commenting on the release of the report, NSW Minister for Roads Michael
Daley said “Our aim is to turn this statistic around over the next five
to ten years and get people out on their bikes. For this to happen, we need
to double our efforts to double the commuter cycle trips from 0.8 per cent
measured in 2006 to 1.5 per cent”. The NSW BikePlan is expected to be
completed in June 2009.

- Click here for more information on the NSW BikePlan:

- Click here to read the Cycling Promotion Fund’s submission to the
development of the NSW BikePlan:

7. CPF submits proposal to National Preventative Health Taskforce

The Cycling Promotion Fund made a submission to the taskforce charged with
developing a national preventative health strategy.

Our submission detailed the opportunities cycling offers to tackle the
rise of overweight and obesity and help make Australia the healthiest
country by 2020. It provides both global and specific recommendations to
boost the health of Australia through the creation of bicycle friendly
environments and interventions to promote and encourage cycling.

- View the CPF submission here:

8. CPF calls for bicycle friendly tax initiatives

The CPF commissioned Frontier Economics to prepare our submission to the
review of the Australian taxation system. We support the review of the tax
and transfer system and strongly support reform to better align the tax
system with social and environmental policy objectives, including new and
innovative approaches that proactively encourage cycling and other forms of
active and low emissions transportation.

Our submission recommends changes to the Fringe Benefit Tax system that
currently encourages increased car travel and makes a strong case to
improve the way cycling is treated by the tax system. A number of countries
were found to actively encourage cycling, such as bike maintenance rebates
in the United States and a salary sacrificing scheme in the UK for those
riding to work. Since January 1st 2009, US employees who commute by bicycle
are eligible for reimbursement of $20 per month from their employers.

The employers can then deduct the same amount from their taxable income,
to cover the cost of their employee reimbursement. The Bicycle Act is part
of the ‘Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008’ an is expected to
cost $US 1 million per year, compared to $US 4.4 billion for car parking
and public transport benefits.

- For more information, visit BikeWalk: The Bicycle Commuter Act of 2008:

- Click here to download a copy of the CPF submission (PDF, 280kb) 

9. CPF calls for improved integration of cycling and public transport

The CPF recently provided a comprehensive submission to the Senate Inquiry
into the investment of Commonwealth and State funds in public passenger
transport infrastructure and services. Our submission focused on the role
cycling can play to increase access to the public transport network. We
recommended a national strategic approach to funding integrated public and
active transport. This should include:

- Funding action plans to connect public transport hubs with the
surrounding community through a comprehensive network of cycle ways and
shared paths and marketing support to inform the public of the range of
sustainable transport options.
- Providing a range of key infrastructure enhancements that would
significantly increase the transport options for trips by active modes.

These include:
- bicycle racks on buses
- rail rolling stock designed to carry bicycles with passengers
- high quality bicycle parking at train stations and other transport hubs
- signage and marketing support

A copy of the submission will be available upon request and will be loaded
on our website once it is published on the Inquiry website.

10. Federal Government investment into regional and local community
infrastructure includes cycling investments

The CPF has worked with the National Heart Foundation to ensure that
eligibility for this $800 million funding program, which provides funding
to local governments for community infrastructure, includes bicycle trails.
We contacted councils to encourage them to take advantage of this
opportunity to create more cycle friendly communities and are confident
that a number of cycling projects will be funded under this scheme.

- Click here for more information about the Regional and Local Community
Infrastructure Program:

11. Healthy and Active Transport (HEAT)  proposal receives widespread

We have received numerous endorsements for the Healthy and Active
Transport (HEAT) policy proposal. The policy proposes that the Federal
Government establish an infrastructure funding program to provide recurrent
funding to Local Government to assist them to speed up the creation of
cycling and walking facilities. To date, it has been endorsed by:

- Australian Conservation Foundation
- Bus Industry Confederation Inc.
- International Association of Public Transport Australia/NZ (UITP)
- The Australian Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance; this includes;

- Diabetes Australia
- Kidney Health Australia
- National Heart Foundation of Australia
- National Stroke Foundation
- The Cancer Council Australia

- Click here to download a copy of the updated HEAT policy: 

12. Riders on the Hill

The Parliamentary Cycling Group, Riders on the Hill, was initiated in 2005
by a group of interested federal politicians with the assistance of Stephen
Hodge, Olympian and six times Tour de France finisher. In August 2008
Stephen was appointed our Government Relations Manager in Canberra. A
regular ride each Parliamentary sitting week provides an opportunity for
the Riders to enjoy a bit of active time away from politics in the great
riding environment of the Nations’ capital.

13. CPF launches film clips on cycle safety

The Cycling Promotion Fund and the Amy Gillett Foundation launched a
series of innovative video clips at the Sustainable Living Festival in
Melbourne in February 2009. The dramatic increase in the numbers of bicycle
riders over recent years has lead to large numbers of relatively
inexperienced riders on the road. These video clips provide current and
‘would be’ riders with practical tips on how to avoid common hazards
when riding in traffic.

The clips are promoted through the internet and can be viewed on you tube.
Web banners have been created and cycling organisations, bicycle retailers
and anyone promoting and encouraging cycling are encouraged to include them
on their sites. DVD’s will also be available.

- View the clips here at Cycling Safety Tips Videos:

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Cycling Promotion Fund
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Auburn Victoria 3123

Ph (03) 9818 5400
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An initiative of the Bicycling Industry in Australia 
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