[YarraBUG-list] Manningham Leader: Pedestrians want speed humps to slow down cyclists

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Fri Mar 13 12:41:12 AEDT 2009

Hi all,

Via the pages of the Manningham Leader comes this reaction to a local
issue on shared paths. Read the article, you can also leave comments if
you wish, I have & so have several others.

Pedestrians want speed humps to slow down cyclists

Speed humps on a shared path. Yes. Really.

Treadly & Me have posted this excellent piece: Sharing the shared paths

This week on YarraBUG Radio after Robs piece on National Road
Safety Strategy, we had a 5 minute soapbox piece on shared paths, i.e.;
shared responsibilities, why do certain riding behaviour if it's
potentially dangerous to yourself & others, tips to make it safer, be nice


The discussion was rather general, but we thought we'd have another chat
as the issue has come up several times at the Yarra Council Bicycle
Advisory Committee. The feedback I've received so far about shared path
responsibilities from councils is that their can't really do much, over
placing signage near or painted on the paths, i.e.: Upfield shared path.

In all seriousness the speed hump suggestion hasn't got a chance in hell,
from either a infrastructure perspective, from Manningham Council actually
funding the idea, from potentially exposing the council to a huge public
liability risk, potential criticism from disability advocates, VicRoads
including it in Cycle Notes design standards and the fact it's just plain

Although there's still a perceived problem of riders behaviour on shared
paths towards other users AND visa versa. Can anything actually be done in
the shape of a education program? Can anything realistically be done at

Getting back to YarraBUG Radio we're already up to Show 26# and should be
podcasting soon so you can listen in at another time other than 10am on
Monday morning. More soon!




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