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Hi all,

Here's a catch up on local news including our latest 3CR podcasts, 2017 
BAC meeting dates, Brunswick St Blackspot Works and Walmer Street updates.

Darebin Council has work planned for January to April 2017, although the 
leaflet also mentions early February, that will close Merri Creek Bridge 
between Walker Street & Rushall Station.

It's going to be a massive disruption for everyone who uses the bridge, 
so *please* pass this information + email onto everyone you know who 
travels through this area so they know well in advance.*


*1. Our recent 3CR podcasts*

Back down on NSW cyclist identification + what's next for bicycle 

Last kilometre freight in the big city: 

Cycle Innovation showcase in Bendigo & ongoing Walmer Plaza planning 

*2. Darebin Council: Closure of Merri Creek Bridge at Walker Street to 
Rushall Station*

 From Daniel Ospina: As part of the Capital Works Program, Darebin City 
Council has allocated funding to stabilise the slope at the intersection 
of Walker Street and McLachlan Street in Northcote.

An inspection of the Merri Creek Bridge (Bridge to Rushall Railway 
Station) identified a potential for a landslip at the intersection. 
Further geotechnical studies confirmed that the slope is unstable and 
action is required. If the slope was to fail it would cause major damage 
to the intersection, the bridge, private properties, Authorities' assets 
and Council assets, as well as posing a high risk on people’s lives.

This project involves the removal of road pavement and associated road 
drainage, excavation works, construction of retention systems, and 
reconstruction of road pavement and footpaths. The works will require 
the temporary closure of the intersection between the two streets, 
footpaths, and the Rushall Station Footbridge. Construction works are 
planned to occur between January and April 2017 and will take up to 
three months to complete. Specific dates are yet to be confirmed with 
the contractor.

Please see attached plan for alternative routes for cyclists and 
pedestrians. We apologise for any inconvenience caused during the 
construction period. Please contact me if you have any questions about 
the project.

For more information: contact Daniel Ospina, Project Manager at Darebin 
Council on 8470 8425 or 8470 8888

/"Pedestrians and bike riders: Please take an alternative route via 
Koonda Lat Bridge or High Street Bridge as indicated on the map below.//
//Train users: Merri, Westgarth and Clifton Hill Train Stations are an 
easy walking distance."/

Detour map: 

Read more: http://www.darebin.vic.gov.au/Your-Say/News/Latest-News


*3. Yarra Bicycle Advisory Committee Meeting Dates + Brunswick St 
Blackspot Works*

 From Alistair McDonald: Below are the dates for the BAC meetings for 
next year so pencil them into your diary.  I will send a reminder a few 
weeks out from the meeting asking for agenda topics. 
(Alistair.McDonald at yarracity.vic.gov.au)

All meetings at Wurundjeri Meeting Room, Collingwood Town Hall, 140 
Hoddle Street, Abbotsford

  * Wednesday 1 February 2017
  * Wednesday 12 April 2017
  * Wednesday 21 June 2017
  * Wednesday 16 August 2017
  * Wednesday 18 October 2017

Read more: 

*4. Brunswick St Blackspot Works*

Yarra has secured funding to help reduce vulnerable user injuries along 
Brunswick St between Gertrude Street and Alexandra Parade. The works aim 
to slow speeds at side street intersections with thresholds, raised 
pavements and splitter islands.  Works have already started at Palmer St 
to the south will take 7 months to complete.  Attached is a postcard 
flyer with further information.

Read more: 

*5. Walmer Street Area News*

*Updates on Walmer Street (6 December 2016)
*From Defend The Yarra River: Apologies for the lag in updating. Our 
heroic uploader has been busy with his day job. There are a few updates, 
including the Council decision on Walmer Street, the full consultant 
report, and some information on the better apartment draft design 
standards, including Salta's submission. More new items next week, we hope.

New Mayor of Yarra, Amanda Stone, and new Mayor of Boroondara , Phillip 
Healey have been in consultation with each other about Walmer Street. 
Both new Mayors attended the consultation session in October. Mayor 
Healey established a Boroondara working group last month.  Commendations 
to both for considering the issue in the wider framework, as it affects 
not only Yarra and Boroondara, but everyone in Melbourne who uses the 
Main Yarra Trail and Walmer Street.

Read more:  https://defendtheyarrariver.wordpress.com/ *


*Yarra Council seeks to establish working group for Walmer Street Bridge 
(24 November 2016)*
Council will request that the State Government convene a working group 
to provide further input into the design of the Walmer Street Bridge. 
Works to and around the bridge are proposed by Salta as part of its 
redevelopment of 607-627 Victoria Street, Abbotsford.

Read more: http://www.yarracity.vic.gov.au/News/walmerstbridge/

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