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*YarraBUG Newsletter - April 2014*

1. YarraBUG Radio
2. From Parks Vic - Main Yarra Trail dredging works complete + Free 
community breakfast
3. YarraBUG Presentation at East West Link Public Hearings
4. City of Yarra Bicycle Advisory Committee -  15 April 2014 - Fitzroy 
Town Hall
5. The Punt Road Project -Drive. Pash. Rage. Dash. Cry. Crash. Tell...
6. Friday Morning Peaceful Protests: corner of Hoddle Street and 
Alexandra Parade*
*7. You are invited to nominate for the 2014 Yarra Sustainability 

*******Hi all,

Sorry for the drought, only just realised we haven't sent an news round 
up/newsletter since last year!

*1. YarraBUG Radio *
Today we interviewed Penelope from the Punt Road Project - see below for 
more on how you can contribute to the project. The 3CR podcast should be 
avaliable by mid week.
We've had plenty of interesting topics in the last month, including bike 
touring, police fining stationary parked bikes for no bells (!) and lots 
of local Melbourne bicycle news and events.


2. From Parks Vic - Main Yarra Trail dredging works complete + ***Free 
community breakfast**
Dredging works to remove accumulated silt beneath the floating pontoon 
sections of the Main Yarra Trail are now complete.
All floating sections of the Main Yarra Trail between Punt Road to 
Burnley Harbour are now open.

*Free community breakfast*
*A free community breakfast will be held from 7am Tuesday 15 April 2014 
to celebrate the reopening of the Main Yarra Trail.*
The breakfast will be located next to the trail under the Monash Freeway 
near the Burnley Climbing Walls - Melways reference 2M B1.
All users of the Main Yarra Trail are welcome to attend.


*3. YarraBUG Presentation at East West Link Public Hearings*
Here's our CIS presentation we made at East West Link public hearings 
last Monday 7th April 2014. The panel was very attentive and asked us 
several questions to clarify, see below is a precis of our presentation 
from the East West Link blog.

Our presentation via East West Link Tabled Documents
Part 1: 
Part 2: 

In one file, as it was supposed to be...

East West Link Tabled Documents:

Scroll down at this link for a precis of our presentation from Monday 7 
April -- Day 24 from the East West Link Blog

*4. City of Yarra Bicycle Advisory Committee -  15 April 2014 - Fitzroy 
Town Hall, 6.30--8.00pm Mayor's Room*
 From Kate: Please find a finalised BAC agenda attached. See you all on 
Tuesday night -- many thanks to those that have already let me know if 
they can't get there.

Kate Simnett
Acting Coordinator Strategic Transport, City of Yarra PO Box 168 
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday, T (03) 9205 5734  M 0407 812 882  F 
(03) 8417-6666
E kate.simnett at yarracity.vic.gov.au, W www.yarracity.vic.gov.au

Quick Agenda - Chair: Cr Misha Coleman, Secretariat: Kate Simnett, 
Sustainable Transport Officer
Welcome and apologies, 5 minutes, 6.30--6.35pm
1.1 Wellington St Update,
1.2 LATM/BAC Involvement
1.3 LATM Draft Policy
1.4 Main Yarra Trail Delegates Report
1.5 Brunswick St Corridor Working Group
1.6 Shared Trail Etiquette Project Update
1.7 Alexandra Parade Bike Facility
1.8 Capital City Trail Crossings
2. Delegates Report(s)
2.1 February Meeting
3. New Business
3.1 Bikes on Footpaths -- Queens Parade
3.2 Green Surface Treatment
3.3 Ride 2 School Summary

*5. The Punt Road Project -Drive. Pash. Rage. Dash. Cry. Crash. Tell...*
Melbournians invited to contribute to THE PUNT ROAD PROJECT - a 
collaborative artwork about the vast and various experiences of the 
city's main vein. From Clifton Hill to St Kilda Junction, this infamous 
stretch of bitumen bears witness to love, hate, joy, violence, 
compassion and frustration day in, day out while the role of roads in 
Melbourne generates more debate than ever.

The Punt Road Project is a unique project by Anna McGrath, Penelope Chai 
and Rita Walsh and is part of the City of Yarra's Performance 
Investigations program in May 2014.

The group is collecting stories, anecdotes, memories, images and aural 
artefacts from the community about Punt Road and Hoddle Street. They 
want to hear from people who are willing to share their experiences 
including drivers, passengers, cyclists, pedestrians, residents, 
businesses and stakeholders. Paul Kelly, Helen Garner and Lano & Woodley 
have all celebrated Punt Road in song, literature and performance. 
Through The Punt Road Project, the group hopes to add to this canon.
Anna McGrath said, 'Punt Road carries so much traffic; cars, buses, 
bikes, pedestrians. It is the main conduit between 'north' and 'south' 
of the river and stretches through so many suburbs.

Speaking about this project to people they are reminded of their own 
unique Punt Road story and I'm regaled with strange and wonderful tales. 
We hope people will share their experiences with us to help this project 
come to life and we look forward to investigating and sharing what Punt 
Road means to Melbournians.'

What's your Punt Road story? Are you a commuter who has witnessed wild 
and surprising things taking place in the gridlock? Have you wept over a 
dashed dream or broken heart while staring up at the Nylex clock? Ever 
been the victim of peak-hour road rage? Have you got a favourite lane? 
What would your perfect Punt Road look like?

Community contributions and comments are being accepted until 30 April 
2014 at www.puntroadproject.com, e: traffic at puntroadproject.com

*6. Friday Morning Peaceful Protests: corner of Hoddle Street and 
Alexandra Parade*
These events are popular because they offer a way for people who want to 
express their views to do so in a peaceful and friendly way. They are 
organised by Yarra's Public Transport Advocacy Community Committee 
(PTACC) which is represented by representatives of community groups and 
local residents.

No need to book or let us know you are coming -- just turn up anytime 
betwen 7.15am and 8.30am.
Signs with messages "1 train = 800 cars off the road", "20 minutes 
Doncaster to the City on a train" and "Toot for Trains" are visible 
every Friday morning.
For more information about the Trains Not Toll Roads campaign visit 
For more information contact: PTACC member Ian Mack, from YCAN, on 0422 
952 554

*7. You are invited to nominate for the 2014 Yarra Sustainability Awards*
News from Madeleine Cahill: The Yarra Sustainability Awards return in 
2014 to celebrate the community's efforts towards environmental 
sustainability. Whether it is forward-thinking architectural design that 
cuts energy use, a scheme to recycle food waste or something you have 
done in your own business or home, Council wants to hear about it.

You can nominate for the following categories:

- Building Design and Development - recognising environmentally 
sustainable design and development in the built environment
- Business - recognising commercial and social enterprises that have 
minimised negative environmental impacts and maximised positive 
contributions to Yarra's environment and community
- Community Action - recognising groups and organisations that have made 
a significant contribution to sustainability
- Home and Garden - recognising individuals, households and families who 
have made significant progress in the sustainability of their home 
and/or garden, and/or through urban agriculture initiatives in the 
public domain
- Educational Services - recognising children's centres, kindergartens, 
primary and secondary schools, tertiary institutions, training 
organisations and other educational organisations making a significant 
contribution to sustainability
- Local Hero - recognising the achievements of an individual who has 
contributed significantly to sustainability.
- The Frank Fisher Award - recognising individuals who have made a 
significant contribution to several areas of sustainability in Yarra. 
This Award aims to build on the legacy of the late Professor Frank 
Fisher. It also aims to remember Frank's constant querying of his own 
views and understanding, and his efforts to respond kindly yet 
provocatively to the range and web of understanding around him. Nominees 
will have engaged and inspired people around them and demonstrate 
qualities of mindfulness, insight, humility and civic spirit.

The winners will be announced during the Awards ceremony at Collingwood 
Town Hall on Thursday 11 September 2014 and nominees will be promoted up 
until the event, giving you great publicity and the recognition you deserve.

Visit the 2014 Yarra Sustainability Awards page 
to find out more and to nominate.

Kind Regards,
Madeleine Cahill
2014 Sustainability Awards Project Manager, City of Yarra, 0450 064 779
E awards at yarracity.vic.gov.au W www.yarracity.vic.gov.au
Postal address: PO Box 168 Richmond 3121
Street address: Fitzroy Town Hall 201 Napier Street Fitzroy (cnr Moor St)

Listen to YarraBUG Radio
Every Monday morning 10am on 3CR 855AM Community Radio + Digital
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Clifton Hill, Cremorne, Collingwood, Fairfield,
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