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A quick YarraBUG Newsletter for December 2013**:)

 1. Wellington Street Copenhagen lanes - what you can do
 2. BAC Minutes + End of Year Drinks
 3. Projector Bike Tours around Yarra for Christmas
 4. 'Food know how' trike riding volunteers wanted
 5. East West Link - make a CIS submission + events

Hi all,

Well done everyone, we've reached our very modest goal of 100 signatures 
for our 'Yarra City Council: Wellington St Copenhagen Lane Petition'

Thank you all so much!

*1. What can you do next?*
We need people to contact all Yarra Councillors - especially those who 
voted against Wellington Street Advisory Group recommendations.

*Wellington Street Lane Petition*
We need to show a strong message to get these lanes built - you can get 
more people sign our online petition and also help distribute a hardcopy 
version to be tabled at the next Yarra Council meeting on 17 December 
2013 to show the huge support this proposed lane has with the local 

  * Sign the online petition:
  * Download copies to print and sign for your workplace, school,
    creche, anywhere: http://wellingtonstbikelane.info/print-a-flyer/
  * Return the paper petitions to Yarra BUG by Monday 16th December, at:
    YarraBUG Radio c/o 3CR Community Radio 21 Smith Street, Fitzroy, VIC

*Attend the next Yarra Council Meeting - 17 December 2013*
Please make the time to attend this meeting - it would be great if you 
are prepared to make your views known during Public Question Time, so 
bring all your friends and banners or signage December 2013 Council 
Meetings - Tuesday, 17 December 2013, 7pm, Richmond Town Hall, 333 
Bridge Road, Richmond.

More at: 
Here's signage you can print for the meeting: 

*Information to include or consider when contacting Councillors:*
Background: "Council's aim is for Yarra to double the rate of residents 
cycling to work from 6.4% to 15% by 2015. In 2009 Council adopted the 
Bicycle Strategy 2010-2015 to establish a long-term vision for cycling 
in Yarra. The building of "Copenhagen lanes" is a vital part of this 
plan - scrapping them practically makes this plan practically 
irrelevant, thus going against the councils own so-called bike friendly 

  * Yarra Bike Strategy (2010-2015)
  * My Story: http://wellingtonstbikelane.info/my-story/
  * Why We Want Separated Bicycle Infrastructure:
  *  From SydneyCycleways: Economic Research:

*Please pass this information onto everyone you know who wants safer 
bicycle riding conditions in Melbourne!***

*2. BAC Minutes + End of Year Drinks

*Message from Kate - Hi all, Please find attached the most recent 
minutes from the BAC.  Please let me know of any changes before 
Wednesday November 4th when I will load them to the website.
As suggested at the previous meeting we will have end of year drinks.  
All welcome.

Where: Napier Hotel (across the road from the Fitzroy Town Hall)
When: Wednesday December 18th -- from 6:30pm.

Thanks for all of your active and diligent participation in the BAC this 
year.  It is much appreciated. I will send around the dates for 2014 
meetings when they are available.  Likely to be mid-December.  Also, the 
two Councillors appointed for this Committee are: Cr Sam Gaylard and Cr 
Misha Coleman (welcome aboard). I have also attached the spread sheet 
with a few additional notes which may be of interest.
Cheers, Kate

Kate Simnett, Sustainable Transport Officer, City of Yarra PO Box 168 
RICHMOND 3121, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday
T (03) 9205 5734  M 0407 812 882  F (03) 8417-6666, E 
kate.simnett at yarracity.vic.gov.au, W www.yarracity.vic.gov.au
Yarra has once again recorded the highest Cycle to Work rate in 
Australia! 8.5% of residents cycled to work on the August 2011 Census 
day.  Congratulations Yarra.

**3. Projector Bike Tours around Yarra for Christmas*
Cycling and cinema come together for a series of free riding tours 
around Yarra. Hop on your bike and follow a projector bike on a tour of 
local sites, with short films shown at each stop. Brick walls and fences 
will be transformed into impromptu screens as the movies go mobile! All 
rides start at 8pm and take about 1.5 hours.

To view maps of each ride, visit the Projector Bike website and click on 
'Upcoming Events': http://www.projectorbike.com.au 

  * Saturday 7 December, Smith Street, its Bazaar Discovery Night,
    Meeting point - Woolworth's car park (St David St, Fitzroy)
  * Wednesday 11 December, Power without Glory - The Carringbush Fix,
    Meeting point - The Carringbush Hotel (228 Langridge St, Abbotsford)
  * Saturday 14 December, The Inner Circle - Princes Hill to Clifton
    Hill, Meeting point - North Carlton Railway Neighbourhood House (20
    Solly Avenue, Princes Hill)
  * Thursday 19 December, Tell it to City Hall - The Bridge Rd/Victoria
    St Ride, Meeting point -- Richmond Town Hall (333 Bridge Rd, Richmond)
  * Saturday 21 December, The Welcome to Fitzroyalty Discovery Night,
    Meeting point - cnr Royal Lane and Gertrude St, Fitzroy

*5. 'Food know how' trike riding volunteers wanted*
 From Kaylyn: The Food Know How mob are looking for some skilled and 
enthusiastic riders... that's you!
I'm in need of volunteer trike riders for the Food Know How program (to 
collect food scraps from cafes via cargo trike and deliver them to 
compost hubs).  I've attached a flyer and a full position description 
and this is a link to the advertisement on our website.

More at: http://www.foodknowhow.org.au/get-involved/volunteer/

6. East West Link - make a CIS submission + events*
So ... you want to send a East West Link CIS submission but the deluge 
of information and documents is making it difficult to comprehend what 
exactly needs to be done? Here's a collaborative wiki for the East West 
Link Comprehensive Impact Statement (CIS) to you help prepare a 
submission to the Independent Panel assessing the impacts of this 'mad 
scheme'. Use this site to gather information to help you or your group 
make a submission before 5:00 pm December 12th 2013.

More at: http://www.ycat.org.au/EWL_CIS/

 From YCAT:Dear Friends and Local Groups, This is a suggestion to hold a 
stall in your village. Saturday next (7th December 2013) is the last 
before East West Link Comprehensive Impact Statement (CIS) submissions 

More at: http://www.ycat.org.au/?p=3574

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