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Mon Jul 7 12:14:27 AEST 2008

Hi all,

Article today from Herald Sun about rising bike thefts (see below),
especially in Yarra. Steve & I used to distro for the Neighbourhood Watch
newsletter to Abbotsford and this 30% rise is not unexpected but still
upsetting to read.

Vic Police have several useful tips on Virtual Bike including a form for
ID purposes:

Types of Locks: http://www.virtualbike.com.au/?Section=2.1

Around Home: http://www.virtualbike.com.au/?Section=2.2

Out and About: http://www.virtualbike.com.au/?Section=2.3

Bike ID: http://www.virtualbike.com.au/?Section=2.4

Downloadable Form: http://www.virtualbike.com.au/?Section=2.5

If you also have tips or heads up on how to evade this lowest form of
scuttling creature, the bike thief, please feel free to share them with
the group!


Vicious cycle over city crime, July 07, 2008 12:00am

PAIN at the bowser may be to blame for a rise in bike thefts, particularly
in the city.

Police are warning cyclists to take greater care of their bikes after a
rapid rise in thefts as road users switch from cars to pedal power.

The number of bicycles reported stolen has risen since petrol prices began
their steady climb five years ago, with thefts expected to increase across
the state to outdo last financial year's figure of 5678.

Although police will release the official 2007-08 figures in August,
bicycle thefts are skyrocketing in and around the city.

A major jump of more than 40 per cent is expected in Melbourne.

The city of Yarra, in Melbourne's inner east, has had the most rapid rise
with thefts up about 30 per cent over the past two years.

Last financial year, thieves stole 387 bikes from the area.

The municipalities of Port Phillip (359 bikes stolen, up 36 per cent) and
Bayside (131 bikes stolen, up 29 per cent) are also continuing the upward

Police say thefts of bikes, often valued at more than $2000, are most
commonly occurring from backyards, verandas and underground carparks.

Yarra police Sen Sgt Steve Bills said owners had to become vigilant about
protecting their property.

He said thieves off-loaded bikes to secondhand dealers or pawn shops, but
the market may be more widespread.

"It's becoming a big problem," Sen Sgt Bills said.

"Storage of bikes is the most important thing.

"You will always get bikes stolen from the street, but so-called secure
carparks in complexes are becoming a hot spot.

"These carparks aren't secure. A cyclone wire cage is not going to stop a
thief from getting to what he or she wants."

Sen Sgt Bills said the best place to store a bike was inside a house or

Most stolen bikes are never recovered for their owners.

Victoria Police is urging riders to have their bikes engraved with an
identification number.


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