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Hi all,

Last week on June 26 2008, a large group of people met at Fitzroy Town
Hall and decided to create a community coalition against the proposed
East-West tunnel mentioned in the East West Link Needs Assessment.

The meeting decided to form the Yarra Campaign Against the Tunnel (YCAT).

YCAT website:

YCAT email list:

Here's some food for thought, courtesy of the 3068 Group of what could be
planned for North Fitzroy and Clifton Hill.

Have a good long look at this diagram and notes:

There could be people reading this list who remember the Eastern Freeway
protests of the late 70's and the Alexandra Parade widening in 1998.

Although what is now suggested in the East West Needs Assessment makes
those prior road developments look like a small pile of lego.

Already residents in Kensington have launched protests about what is
planned for Holland Park. Last week, Melbourne City Council was convinced
by resident protests to change their support for the road tunnel.

Equally, do Yarra residents and those who care about what happens in the
greater Melbourne area, want this road development to permanently change
their area? Do you really want this to occur? Do you have an opinion?

Submissions to the East West Link Needs Assessment need to be made by July
15. That's next Friday.


Tomorrow night the next YCAT meeting will be held at 7pm this Thursday
July 3rd. It will be at the Fitzroy Town Hall corner of Napier and Moor
Sts Fitzroy.

The agenda will include:

    * The rally to be held on July 27 & related jobs
    * Other upcoming actions including Saturday’s Climate Rally.
    * The proposed fundraising gig at The Laundry
    * Report backs
    * General business

See you there.




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