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Subject: 	[vicbugchat] Victorian Police and the Bicycle Industry join 
forces to encourage bicycle riders to light up.
Date: 	Tue, 9 Oct 2007 09:18:52 +1000
From: 	Rosemarie Speidel <speidel at cyclingpromotion.com.au>
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*MEDIA RELEASE 9^th October 2007*

*Victorian Police and the Bicycle Industry join forces to encourage 
bicycle riders to light up*

Local bicycle riders are being encouraged to fit their bikes with lights 
so they can enjoy the mild-weather riding pleasures of spring.

Thousands of Victorians have rediscovered the joys and convenience of 
cycling to work, the shops and around their neighbourhood. “Bicycle 
riders not only look after their health and wellbeing and their hip 
pocket, but they are also making a big difference in reducing congestion 
and demand on parking” Rosemarie Speidel from the Cycling Promotion Fund 
(CPF) Australia’s peak Cycling Promotion Body set up by the Bicycle 

With National Ride to Work day around the corner, the CPF and the 
Victorian Police have joined forces to encourage bicycle riders to fit 
head and tail lights to ensure they are been seen by other road users 
when cycling in the early morning or later in the day.

“Modern lights offer a remarkable performance, are affordable and make 
for safe and legal riding in low light conditions” Rosemarie Speidel 
said. Most bicycle riders are doing the right thing and are adhering to 
the road rules but some get caught on the way home by darkness.

During Safety Month in October, the Victorian Police will provide 
information to bicycle riders on the range of lights available and the 
legal requirements and will reward some with free lights to encourage 
them to keep cycling and to light up when riding early in the morning or 
later in the day.

“The road rules require a flashing or steady white headlight and red 
tail light when riding at night. “ Warren Jackman from the Victorian 
Police said. “In traffic, you need to be seen by other road users, so 
you need a good steady white headlight and a bright flashing red light 
at the back,” he said. “For riding on a shared pathway, where it can be 
quite dark, it also makes sense to have a headlight that is bright 
enough to light the way ahead”.

For more information on the legal requirements and tips on selecting 
lights for bicycles, visit www.rideabike.com.au 
<http://www.rideabike.com.au>, have a chat to a police officer from the 
bicycle patrol or visit a local bike shop.

Media inquiries: Rosemarie Speidel, Program Director Cycling Promotion Fund
Tel. 04 07537760

Warren Jackman Sergeant Victorian Police
Tel. 0407 843 376
Photo Opportunities available

*5 things to know about Lights:**
When riding at night or in low visibility bicycle riders are required by 
law to display:
*A flashing or steady white light that is clearly visible for 200 metres 
from the front of the bicycle
A flashing or steady red light that is clearly visible for 200 metres 
from the rear of the bicycle
A red reflector that is clearly visible for at least 50 metres from the 
rear of the bicycle when light is projected onto it by a vehicle’s head 
light on low-beam
(Road Rules Victorian Part 15, rule 259)
Bike lights fall into four main categories:
*Light emitting Diode (LED) lights
High powered battery lights
Low powered battery light
Dynomo light sets

*Reliability is the most important feature of a good light**

**The fine for riding without light at night is $54.00**

Good lights set are available from around $40 to $60 *

* *

*For copies of the media release and information on how to choose lights 
follow the link below*



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