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Hi all,*

The draft Yarra Transport Strategy is included at the next Yarra Council 
meeting on Tuesday 12 July 2022.

You can read the report and attachments for Item 8.1 Yarra Transport 
Strategy at this link:


_How to show your support: _

This council meeting is being held both online and in person. If you 
wish to attend, ask a question or make a submission, you can do so 
either online or in person as well 24 hours prior to the council meeting.

Council Meeting Registration: 

_Possible submission/question suggestions:

- Will the City of Yarra support all 15 policies outlined in the draft 
Moving Forward - Yarra's Transport Strategy 2022 and it's objectives?

- Will the City of Yarra be bold in implementing this strategy and not 
dilute it with populist-driven decisions when developing the action plan?

- Will the City of Yarra provide solutions that solve issues that 
stymied the City of Yarra Bike Strategy 2010 – 2015 and the City of 
Yarra Bicycle Refresh 2015 so this strategy can actually be delivered? 
eg: support strong council inter-agency networking that strengthens 
advocacy, legislation, safety, planning, funding and implementation 
between Melbourne 9 (M9), PTV, VicRoads, Department of Transport, nearby 
councils, state and federal governments?

- The active transport mix is rapidly changing in Yarra. Will City of 
Yarra monitor the increasing use of e-bikes, e-cargobikes, alongside 
ongoing e-scooter trials that clearly illustrate people want more safe 
travel options?

- Recently released Census 2021 data illustrates that Yarra suburbs have 
roughly double the Australian average for rental properties and one of 
highest populations of people aged under 30, will the City of Yarra 
support this demographic with their future transport choices?

- and of course, anything relevant you'd like to add!

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