[YarraBUG-list] Reminder: Draft Yarra Transport Strategy - last chance for feedback + Linear Parklands Survey

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Sun Apr 24 17:01:35 AEST 2022

*1. H**ave your opportunity to comment on the draft Yarra Transport 
Strategy over the long weekend*

Survey closes Monday 25 April 2022 and takes less than five minutes to 


Given rapid changes to how we utilise inner city areas with constant 
residential, commercial developments that result in unplanned traffic 
and loss of amenities, it's vital we show strong support for ways 
forward so our shared road spaces can be used safely.

This is important especially with more people in Yarra choosing to 
commute by bike or foot, food deliveries, ongoing e-scooter trials, 
cargo bikes, e-bikes and increasing throughput with public transport.

Cramming 19th century legacy roads with 21st century traffic is not 
sustainable, as now we are all facing climate and environmental threats, 
regardless of where we live.


*2. Linear Parklands Masterplan: **Be part of the plan for the longest 
stretch of parklands in Yarra!

Think the last time this issue was open for consultation was back in 
2007 when the Lygon Street swamp was still a thing!

Survey open to Sunday 1 May: https://yoursayyarra.com.au/linearparklands


*3. International Climate Report Demands ‘Systemic’ Changes to 
Transportation and Urban Planning*

Relating back to the above local issues, this Streetsblogs article 
illustrates what is exactly at sake and why action must be taken immediately


"“Cities are especially prone to carbon lock–in because of the multiple 
interactions of technological, institutional, and behavioral systems, 
which create inertia and path dependency that are difficult to break. 
For example, the lock–in of gasoline cars is reinforced by highway and 
energy infrastructures that are further locked–in by social and cultural 
preferences for individual mobility options. The dominance of cars and 
their supporting infrastructures in auto–centric urban forms is further 
reinforced by zoning and urban development patterns, such as dispersed 
and low–density housing distantly located from jobs, that create 
obstacles to create alternative mobility options” (8-54)

“Cities can reduce their transport–related fuel consumption by around 25 
percent through combinations of more compact land use and the provision 
of less car–dependent transport infrastructure. Appropriate 
infrastructure, including protected pedestrian and bike pathways, can 
also support much greater localized active travel” (10-4)."

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