[YarraBUG-list] Your feedback required TODAY - City of Yarra Draft Road Safety Study Policy

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Tue Oct 5 13:53:04 AEDT 2021

Hello everyone and apologies for very late notice!

At City of Yarras meeting TONIGHT on Tuesday 5 October 2021 there are 
three items of interest;

- 8.2 Draft Road Safety Study Policy,
- 8.5 Old Heidelberg Road, Alphington and,
- 8.6 Active Transport Advisory Committee Membership


Returning public access to Old Heidelberg Road received 340 submissions 
in support with 14 against and Active Transport Advisory Committee 
Membership, which replaces the Bicycle Advisory Commitee, has been 
decided with the membership included in a confidential attachment to 

The Draft Road Safety Study Policy has direct implications for how Yarra 
streets are managed, especially in regards to walking and cycling.

*Draft Road Safety Study Policy*

Item 8.2 Draft Road Safety Study Policy 2021 (RSSP) recommends that the 
existing Local Area Place Making (LAPM) policy should be axed, and 
replaced with a Road Safety Study Policy that aligns with a Place Making 

*More about City of Yarra existing Local Area Place Making (LAPM)*


Scroll down to individual LAPMs: 

The proposed Road Safety Study Policy defines both ‘local streets’ and 
‘traffic volume’ as out of scope. The potential outcome will be no 
funding or resources for place making in our neighbourhoods or local 

It doesn't have to be this way. A way forward would be to put the Road 
Safety Study Policy on hold while the Place Making Framework goes out 
for community engagement. Then update the Place Making Framework so it 
is the master or umbrella document for all policies, strategies and 
plans that relate to place making on streets, including the Transport 
Action Plan, Parking Management Plan, Safe Travel Strategy, Road Safety 
Study Strategy, and the Urban Forest Strategy.

Once that's approved, put the Road Safety Study Policy and the Transport 
Action Plan out for community engagement at the same time, with traffic 
volume defined as ‘in scope’ for both documents.

Read more detail at: 

*What you can do now*

Unfortunately it's too late to make a verbal submission at tonights 
meeting - please contact Yarra councillors this afternoon and state your 
concerns about scappping the LAPM process clearly and politely


Nicholls ward Councillors by email: 
Nichollswardcouncillors at yarracity.vic.gov.au
Langridge ward Councillors via email: 
Langridgewardcouncillors at yarracity.vic.gov.au
Melba ward Councillors by email: Melbawardcouncillors at yarracity.vic.gov.au

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