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Hi all,

*This Tuesday 15 September 2020 sees the final Yarra City Council 
meeting prior to caretaker period / October 2020 council elections. *

As with previous council elections we will be doing a candidates 
questionnaire, please get in contact if you would like to have input.

Invariably there's some "controversy" about Yarra committing to COVID19 
Rapid Response Trials that City of Melbourne, City of Moreland and City 
of Greater Bendigo are also doing to assist safe movement, such as 
parklets, pop up bike lanes and separated bicycle lanes trials like 
Elizabeth Street, Richmond and Park Street contraflow lane, Fitzroy North.

VicHealth support for local councils currently doing trials, including 
Yarra: Footpaths & bike lanes key to active travel post coronavirus

Since April 2020 YarraBUG Radio on 3CR has done a series of interviews 
on supporting safe movement for active travel and public health 
initiatives due to the COVID19 epidemic including  Zoë McMaster 
previously with Healthy Streets Approach, Luke Poland from Sustrans, 
Alice Prior from Parent's Voice, Cr Rohan Leppert (City of Melbourne), 
Cr Jackie Fristacky (Yarra City Council), Dan Kneipp, CEO (Amy Gillett 
Foundation), Sam Hibbins MP (Victorian Greens Transport spokeperson), 
Megan Sharkey and Dr Ben Beck about #SpaceForHealth and Philip Mallis 
offer to assist riders plan their journeys.

Listen to our podcasts: https://www.3cr.org.au/yarrabug

As for trials, Yarra has previously conducted similar initiatives like 
Thanks for 30 (30kph speed limit trial) in Fitzroy and currently the new 
glass recycling and green waste bins that you've seen recently.*

See below for how you can: *

  * Support the trials at the next Yarra Council Meeting,
  * Register your ongoing support and feedback at Making Space in Yarra and,
  * Useful articles for Public Questions + Submissions.*

Please contact us (admin at yarrabug.org) if you know of any upcoming local 
events, contributions etc, also please feel free to forward this email + 
information to your fellow residents and local groups.


_*Yarra City Council​ Meeting: Tuesday 15 September 2020*_

The next Yarra City Council​ meeting on Tuesday 15 September 2020 has 
reports for Elizabeth Street bike lane trial + Park Street contraflow lane

Yarra Council Meeting documents - 7pm, Tuesday 15 September 2020

  * 11.1 Elizabeth Street bicycle lane
  * 11.2 Park Street Bicycle Projects

You can watch the next Yarra Council meeting here from 7pm, Tuesday 15 


_*1. How you can support the trials at the next Yarra Council Meeting*_

*Submit a question or participate in the online meeting - t**here are 
two options at the SurveyGizmo link below *

a. I want to ask a question during Public Question Time:
Public Question Time is not about agenda items

  * Ask the council to continue Yarra Councils current and ongoing
    support for active transport during and after COVID19 emergency, eg:
    walking and cycling, and Making Space project (see links below)
  * Usually you have two minutes to ask questions, keep a draft of what
    you want to ask in front of your and stay on point.

b. I want make a submission about an item on the agenda: please see 
below for a list of useful articles
You can submit up to 250 words in support of Agenda Items, some examples 

  * Elizabeth Street / Park Street trials must continue,
  * What the trials have meant for you and your reasons why,
  * Elizabeth Street seperated lane trial must continue for full
    allocated time, eg: 12 months,
  * Park Street contraflow trial must continue with Option 1,
  * Any feedback you have about trials consultation.

*Please register by 10am Tuesday 15 September:*

"Meetings are held using the Microsoft Teams platform, and while you do 
not require an account or any special software to participate, you do 
need to have an internet connected computer, tablet or smartphone. Once 
you register, you will receive an acknowledgement email to confirm your 
registration has been received. On the day of the meeting itself, you 
will receive the necessary link and instructions on how to participate."


*2. Register your ongoing support and feedback at Making Space in Yarra*

"We're trialling new ways of using Yarra's roads to help deliver on our 
commitment to your health, safety and wellbeing during coronavirus 

"Trialling a safer Elizabeth Street: Read more and have your say on the 
protected bike lane trial in Elizabeth Street, Richmond"

"A new bike lane for Park Street, Fitzroy North: We’re trialling a new 
pop-up bike lane on Park Street in Fitzroy North to help reduce 
congestion on the nearby Capital City Trail."

"New centre median on Nicholson Street, Abbotsford: We’re creating a 
safer Abbotsford for all road users by trialling a new centre median on 
Nicholson Street."


*_3. _**_Useful articles for Public Questions + Submissions_ *

*a. Premier highlights pandemic need to remake our streets and urban areas *

/"We are going to make some pretty aggressive decisions about freeing up 
as much space as possible. You will see roads and laneways closed. Not 
every one, but where it is appropriate it will be closed. You will see 
parks that will become, a centre of not just the centre of passive 
recreation, but you will see people drinking and dining in those parks. 
Not every square inch, but where it is appropriate, where we can share 
that you will see curbside parking gone in some streets and restaurants 
and cafes and pubs being able to occupy that space. We’ve spoken with 
London. We’ve spoken with New York. We continue to speak with a number 
of big cities around the world directly into the Mayor’s office, into 
other senior officials, and we think that can be part of our mix." 
(Daniel Andrews, Sunday 6th September 2020)/

Read more: 

*b. Space For Health**: Doctors, public health and transport researchers 
call on government to enable safe walking and **cycling during the 
COVID-19 pandemic and into the future*/

/"On 23rd April, 2020, an open letter to the government, signed by over 
100 leading public health experts and health institutes, requesting more 
space for people to walk and cycle, was released.  Signatories include 
the Heart Foundation, Doctors for the Environment Australia, Public 
Health Association of Australia, the Australasian College for Emergency 
Medicine, the Australasian College of Road Safety, the Royal 
Australasian College of Surgeons Trauma Committee, Kidsafe, the 
Australasian Injury Prevention Network, the Committee for Sydney and the 
Committee for Adelaide, and more." /**

Read more: https://www.spaceforhealth.org/**

*c. Streets Alive Yarra: Trials *

/"Need for trials: //Yarra is facing several crisis which need much 
faster responses than Council is typically able to deliver"/

Read more: https://streets-alive-yarra.org/trials/

*d. Streets Alive Yarra: Elizabeth Street*

/"Elizabeth Street is an east-west street in North Richmond, between 
Hoddle Street and Church Street. To the west, over Hoddle Street, it 
links to Albert Street, which hosts separated and then protected bicycle 
lanes heading into the central business district."/

Read more: https://streets-alive-yarra.org/elizabeth-street/

*e. Streets Alive Yarra: Park Street*

/"Park Street is an east-west street running between Princes Hill (LAPM 
1), through North Carlton (LAPM 2) to Fitzroy North (LAPM 3 Scotchmer), 
just to the south of the Capital City Trail."/

Read more: https://streets-alive-yarra.org/park-street/

*f. Municipal Association of Victoria: Councils call for funding support 
to increase walking and cycling opportunities*/

/"The Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) is encouraging the 
Victorian Government to make the most of a rare opportunity to increase 
safe walking and cycling options for the community.//Reduced road 
traffic due to COVID-19 restrictions provides councils with a unique 
opportunity to trial different uses of space. The MAV is collaborating 
with VicHealth to drive initiatives for immediate and long-term shifts 
towards increased walking and cycling."/

Read more: 

*g. The City of Melbourne is fast-tracking the delivery of 40 kilometres 
of kerbside protected bike lanes across the city in partnership with the 
Victorian Government*

/"The new bike lanes will connect into Melbourne’s existing bike lane 
network and provide a safe, efficient, sustainable transport alternative 
that will support physical distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic and 
get the city moving again as restrictions are eased."/

Read more: 

*h. It's important to note numerous cities across the world are rolling 
out active transport projects, the Shifting Streets covid19 mobility 
database has collated over 1200+ mobility actions*

Read more: https://datasketch.github.io/mobility-actions/

*i. Post-pandemic gridlock fear, with people predicted to shun public 

/"During the first shutdown, survey results showed that safety at night 
was the leading concern for public transport users. But during the 
second shutdown, the possibility of infection was top of the list – 
contributing to the predicted rise in future car use. “So that’s not a 
very useful outcome for the future of Melbourne, because we have already 
got too many cars,” says Professor Currie. But he also says that the 
forecast growth in driving might be reversed when traffic gets back to 
normal because of road congestion. /“If these numbers are correct, we’re 
going to see an awful lot of gridlock, and this idea that it’s better to 
travel by car could go away.”"

Read more: 

*Listen to Yarra Bicycle Users Group Radio <http://www.yarrabug.org/radio/>*
*Every Monday morning 10am on 3CR 855AM Community Radio 
*web <http://www.yarrabug.org/>**| **facebook 
<https://www.facebook.com/YarraBUGRadio/>**| **twitter 
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