[YarraBUG-list] Your support is needed: Yarra Council COVID19 Response Trials location and concept plans, Leisure and Walking Circuits + Carlton North LAPM

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Fri Jun 19 16:57:29 AEST 2020

Hi all,

Long time no chatter but we hope to post updates and newsletters and 
updates more frequently from now onwards.

Please contact us (admin at yarrabug.org) if you know of any upcoming local 
events, contributions etc, also please feel free to forward this email + 
information to your fellow residents and local groups.

Now onto super important news: at the next Yarra City Council​ meeting 
on Tuesday 23 June 2020, a fast rollout of vehicle diversions and bike 
lane extensions is proposed to make key bicycle routes safer.

See some examples below and provide your support via this link, refer to 
pdf attachments:

*Yarra Council Meeting documents - 7pm, Tuesday 23 June 2020*


  * Item 11.1 Attachment 1 COVID19 Response Trials location and concept
  * Item 11.1 Attachment 2 Leisure and Walking Circuits

Also the Carlton North LAPM Scheme Draft Recommendations is available, 
refer to Item 11.3 Attachment 1 Carlton North Draft Local Area Place 
Making Plan.

*Making a submission:* If you have participated in consultation about a 
matter before this meeting, you do not need to submit your feedback 
again. However, if you would like to ask a question about something that 
is not on the agenda, or make a brief submission about something that is 
listed, you can submit a 250 word statement which will presented to the 
Council by a Council officer on your behalf. Your submission must be 
lodged online by 10.00am on the day of the meeting by following this link:


Our friends at Streets Alive Yarra support support the proposed trials:


/"The key point is to build a culture of trials to enable residents to 
experience what it will be like. It’s a new type of community 
engagement. We expect that most people will end up supporting the 
treatments, once they’ve had a chance to see them and test them.//Even 
better, we expect that improving infrastructure for people who walk and 
cycle will bring benefits for people who drive, because it reduce the 
number of cars on the road. It’s a win-win, both for public health and 
for the liveability of our city.//We applaud the report and urge 
Councillors to proceed with the implementation of the proposed COVID-19 
response trials"/


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