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Dear all,

Many of you may of recently received an email from City of Yarra (CoY) 
concerning proposed Rushall Reserve shared path, which you may of 
believed was another progress update leading on from September 2017:

Rushall Reserve Update (September 2017)

Instead, the email directed people to read the CoY agenda for Tuesday 24 
April 2018. When reading Item 11.2 (pages 11-18) of the 41 page agenda, 
the officers recommendations are to _abandon_ the project due to 
increased costs and/or exposure to risk.

Read first document hosted here - Agenda for Council Meeting on 24 April 
**What you can do next:*

If you read the CoY Agenda for 24 April 2018, you'll read passing the 
council budget (11.1) comes before Rushall Reserve (11.2), which may 
make it difficult for people to ask questions during the Public Question 
Time at this CoY meeting.

*We ask thay you immediately contact Yarra Council* with your concerns 
and questions about Rushall Reserve by email 
(info at yarracity.vic.gov.au), phone or request a meeting with your local 

  * Mayor Cr Daniel Nguyen: 9205 5055 or 0427 493 509, e:
    Mayor at yarracity.vic.gov.au
  * Cr Mike McEvoy: 9205 5055 or 0428 449 193, e:
    Mike.McEvoy at yarracity.vic.gov.au
  * Cr Amanda Stone: 9205 5055 or 0429 358 170, e:
    Amanda.Stone at yarracity.vic.gov.au.
  * Cr Misha Coleman: 9205 5055 or 0428 509 943, e:
    Misha.Coleman at yarracity.vic.gov.au
  * Cr Danae Bosler: 9205 5055 or 0419 782 247, e:
    Danae.Bosler at yarracity.vic.gov.au
  * Cr James Searle: 9205 5055 or 0427 121 310, e:
    James.Searle at yarracity.vic.gov.au
  * Cr Mi-Lin Chen Yi Mei: 9205 5055 or 0427 150 407, e:
    Milin.Chenyimei at yarracity.vic.gov.au
  * Cr Stephen Jolly: 9205 5055 or 0437 856 713, e:
    Stephen.Jolly at yarracity.vic.gov.au
  * Cr Jackie Fristacky: 9205 5055, 0412 597 794, e:
    Jackie.Fristacky at yarracity.vic.gov.au.


*These are questions that must be asked to City of Yarra:*

1. Has City of Yarra researched for alternative funding? (State 
Government, Active Transport Victoria, other municipal councils)

2. Would the increased development activity in that particular section 
of North Fitzroy assist to awarding funding from future developer 
contributions to service that community growth and requirement for 
accessibility options?

3. Existing quotes for construction tripled in three years and then 
nearly doubled again in three months - why are Metro Trains Melbourne 
(MTM) massively jacking up the costs?

4. Have other councils been notified of potential project cancellation 
as Merri Creek Trail is important to Moreland, Darebin and Melbourne,

5. Why is MTM/Victrack not picking up signalling costs as part of land 
access negotiation?

6.  This project has previously been carried over in several budgets and 
should be done again, like most major infrastructure projects. 
(Bargoonga Nganjin North Fitzroy Library, Collingwood Town Hall 

7. Rushall Reserve is a main component of  Yarra Councils Bike Strategy 
Refresh - what contingencies has Director Planning and Place Making made 
for any alterations?

8. Project cancellation puts Yarra council processes and local councils 
in general into a bad light, as how can residents participate in any 
future consultations in good faith when prior council administration 
gutted local capital works budget (reference to 2016 when $22m was moved 
from developers contributions/open space)

9. Legal arguments about minimum path width can be applied to numerous 
existing legacy shared paths that were contructed prior to AustRoads 
specifications - many Victorian councils are already are exposed daily 
to this risk.

10. Cancelling a project with an already exhaustive consultation process 
suggests Yarra Council has no will to complete it in the future, lacks 
political will and shows disrespect for the huge contributions made by 
local residents during long consultation timelines, regardless whether 
they are for or against the project.

11. As the proposed plans projected costs now exceed $900K, should 
alternatives such as reconfiguring the Rushall Station underpass now be 
reconsidered? (refer to question 1)

_Thank you and please forward this email to anyone you know who would be 
concerned or affected _

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