[YarraBUG-list] Tuesday 2nd August: Yarra Council to vote on proposed Rushall Reserve Shared Path Plan

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Sun Jul 31 23:58:18 AEST 2016

On Tuesday 2nd August 2016, Yarra Council will vote on the proposed 
Rushall Reserve Shared Path Plan.


You can read the Nation Partners report, see Attachment 3: Outcomes of 
Consultation on Rushall Reserve Shared Path


*Yarra Council Agenda for 2nd August 2016* - please refer to Item 11.1

Reading Attachment 4, 72% of 455 respondents to the online survey 
supported the plan as is (60%) or support the plan with modifications 
(12%). Also many Yarra residents and nearby local users groups are well 

It is vital that people attend this council meeting on Tuesday, to talk 
during Public Question Time, and looking at the BoM forecast, it's 
probably going to be an unappealing cold, possibly rainy Melbourne 
winter's evening. Despite that, it's absolutely essential we get the 
overdue Rushall Reserve path linkage over the line and finally built 
after almost thirty years of limbo and inaction!

*Venue/Time: *Yarra Council Meeting, Tuesday, 2nd August 2016
7pm at Richmond Town Hall

*About Public Question Time:*
Yarra City Council welcomes questions from members of the community. 
Public question time is an opportunity to ask questions, not to make 
statements or engage in debate. Questions should not relate to items 
listed on the agenda. (Council will consider submissions on these items 

Members of the public who wish to participate are to:
(a) state their name clearly for the record;
(b) direct their questions to the chairperson;
(c) ask a maximum of two questions;
(d) speak for a maximum of five minutes;
(e) refrain from repeating questions that have been asked previously by 
themselves or others; and
(f) remain silent following their question unless called upon by the 
chairperson to make further comment.


Many thanks for your continued support and hope to see you on Tuesday 

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