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Hi all,

Several fascinating bits of information from Kate & Alistair at Yarra 
Council, don't forget the next Bicycle Advisory Committee
meeting is on 20th February:

*1. On the subject of a article in this weeks Melbourne Times *about 
bringing Melbourne Bike Share Scheme into Yarra,
actually what mentioned in the interview was far more nuanced, i.e.: 
what end user groups will utilise the bike pods and
who were the intended groups who would use it in the long term. Hooray 
for local media & all that.

We'd like to see Bike Share in Yarra, just needs some strategic planning 
etc to get it to work:

*2. From our friends in Portland, Oregon…*
Not long ago, in the dark days of auto-only transportation planning, a 
property manager that urged the city to eliminate
two auto lanes adjacent to its planned 650-apartment complex might have 
been judged completely insane... Read more here:

*3. Brunswick Street*
Alistair McDonald is currently investigating options for bicycle 
improvements along the Brunswick and St Georges St route.
The options for improvement will be incorporated into a report that will 
go to council.  Depending on if Wellington Street
proceeds, Brunswick Street could be our backup major bicycle project for 
next year. Improved Tram stop are scheduled to
begin consultation and design in 1 year so we need to ensure our works 
accommodate any potential upgrades.

The potential improvements are:

  *          Resheeting Brunswick St south of Alexandra which will occur
    over 3 years subject to funding
  *          Removal of bluestone kerb northbound between Johnston and
  *          Improved linemarking where parking is located 24hrs a day
    to help reducing dooring incidence
  *          Improved linemarking along the whole route
  *          Reduced speed limits of 30km/hr south of Alexander and 40
    or 50km/hr north of Alexander
  *          Wider bicycle lanes where feasible
  *          Other minor improvements

Surprisingly the route has more than 40 injuries a year including 20 
bicycle injuries. If anyone has any comments please
let Alistair via email on alistair.mcdonald at yarracity.vic.gov.au or give 
him a call on 9205 5737

More stuff from Kate ...

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Hi all,

Five things of interest:
**1. We have created an online Bicycle Parking Request Form* which 
allows people to request hoops where they see the need.
It also allows us to track where we get requests from etc. Please feel 
free to circulate:

2. Council is seeking nominations to join the Yarra Environment Advisory 
Committee (YEAC)*
Nominations for YEAC are now officially open, closing 7 February. We are 
seeking broad and diverse representation from across
the Yarra community with a strong interest in and proven understanding 
of local environmental issues, an ability to work
collaboratively with other members, and availability to attend meetings.

The YEAC will consist of up to 12 community members plus an additional 
two secondary school students. Councillors Amanda Stone
  and Roberto Colanzi will also sit on the committee in 2013.

For more information see the Terms of Reference and Application Form:
If you have any questions or ideas please contact Michael Oke, 
Coordinator Environmental Management, on 9205 5723 or
Michael.Oke at yarracity.vic.gov.au

*3. A film that may be of interest* - Bikes Good are for Business - 

*4. Nominations sought for Yarra Public Transport Advocacy Campaign 
Steering Committee – nominations due February 4.*
This committee was established in 2012 to advocate for better and more 
public transport, and particularly to support Doncaster Rail,
and to oppose the proposed east-west road tunnel extension between the 
Eastern freeway and the Tullamarine freeway.
Council is seeking nominations to join the Yarra Public Transport 
Advocacy Campaign Steering Committee (PTACSC) from

community and business members. The committee's role will involve the 
development and implementation of a campaign action plan,
review of proposals and making recommendations to Council for 

The PTACSC will consist of up to 10 community and business members plus 
an additional one member each from Bicycle Network;
Public Transport Users Association, Victoria Walks, Yarra Campaign for 
Action on Transport, and Yarra Climate Action Now.
Councillors Jackie Fristacky, Sam Gaylard, and Stephen Jolly will also 
sit on the committee.

Meetings will be held every month outside of business hours, at the 
Fitzroy Town Hall. Council is seeking applicants with a strong
interest in and proven understanding of transport and/or campaigns, an 
ability to work collaboratively with other members, and
availability to attend meetings.

Yarra Environment Advisory Committee Application Form:

How to apply: If you wish to apply to join the committee, please fill 
out the application above and send it back to
Council via: Post: Attention Jane Waldock, C/O Yarra City Council, PO 
Box 168, Richmond 3121 |
Email: Jane.Waldock at yarracity.vic.gov.au |Fax: 8417 6666. Please note, 
nominations are due by on 4 February.

*5. Bicycle Network Victoria are seeking counters for Super Tuesday*. If 
you can spare the time (Tuesday 5 March, 7am - 9am)
please register here: 



Kate Simnett Sustainable Transport Officer
City of Yarra PO Box 168 RICHMOND 3121
Thursday & Friday (Tuesday & Wednesday from Feb)
T (03) 9205 5734 M 0407 812 882 F (03) 8417-6666
E kate.simnett at yarracity.vic.gov.au W www.yarracity.vic.gov.au

Yarra has the highest Cycle to Work rate in Australia! 8.5% of residents 
cycled to work on Census day 2011. Congratulations Yarra.

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It is intended only for use of the individual or entity named. If you 
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copying or use of the information is strictly prohibited. If you have 
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  it immediately from your system and inform us by e-mail to 
info at yarracity.vic.gov.au Council does not guarantee the
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as being free from errors or omission. Any recipient who relies upon the 
information does so at their own risk,
and Council will not be liable for any loss or damage caused as a result 
of such reliance. If a recipient wishes
to act on the information provided, he or she should seek advice from 
Council in person before doing so.
Please consider the environment before printing this email.

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