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YarraBUG Newsletter: May 2011*

    * City of Yarra - Bicycle Advisory Committee Meeting Feedback
    * Proposed bus lanes on Victoria Parade and Hoddle Street
    * The Age article 'Spills prompt bike-lane safety fears'
    * Bridge Road Tram Stop Upgrade Project Community Representative Group
    * Sustainable Transport Officer role at Yarra City Council
    * Cycling Course in Yarra - Cycling from a motorist's perspective
    * Stonnington Bicycle Users' Group
    * Shared Path Works News
    * Rides & Events*


**1. City of* *Yarra - Bicycle Advisory Committee Meeting Feedback*
At the Bicycle Advisory Committee meeting on 6th April, John & Chris 
presented several points for discussion about how the advisory committee 
could approach advocacy issues for cyclists in Yarra. Several questions 
were discussed and the BAC resolved to make a decision at the next 
meeting about which topics are best focused on for this year and which 
will be priorities in the future.

New topics raised 06.04.2011 to be included in priority listing:

    * Connect with the Roadsafe Inner Melbourne Committee?
    * Connect with other organisations working on this topic -- MUARC,
      BV, Bike Futures etc.
    * How to raise a more positive voice on cycling in the media to
      reframe 'bicycle safety'?
    * What are Council's cycling demographics? Which segments of the
      community aren't currently cycling?
    * For the full April BAC Minutes + topics discussed:
      (PDF file)

*Next BAC Meeting: 6.30pm, Wednesday 18th May 2011. Mayors Room, Fitzroy 
Town Hall, corner Napier & Moor Street*
This Committee aims to give local residents an opportunity to provide 
regular input to Council on the development of the local bicycle network 
and other bicycle infrastructure in Yarra. Membership is open to any 
member of the Yarra community with an interest in policies related to 
cycling and the development of the local bicycle network. Further 
information or to suggest agenda items, contact - Kate Simnett, 
Sustainable Transport Officer, 9205 5734, 
More at: 

2. Proposed bus lanes on Victoria Parade and Hoddle Street
*Reminder: VicRoads and the Department of Transport are seeking feedback 
on a proposal to extend peak hour bus lanes along Victoria Parade and 
Hoddle Street. *Submissions by Friday 29 April 2011.
*More at: 

*3. The Age article 'Spills prompt bike-lane safety fears' - 20th April 
As reported recently in The Age & Melbourne Times Weekly, there has been 
a report of a cyclist apparently experiencing problems with recently 
applied green lane markings. If you have any issues to report, please 
contact City of Yarra directly, as council staff have created a internal 
register to document and deal with any issues as they arise. With 
reporting any cycling incidents, please note time, date, your detailed 
feedback & possibly even a photo or several, to document what occured.
City of Yarra contact details: ph: 9205 5555, fax: (03) 8417 6666, after 
hours emergency - 9205 5555, email: Info[AT]yarracity.vic.gov.au, 
snailmail:: PO Box 168 Richmond 3121
More at: 

*4. Bridge Road Tram Stop Upgrade Project Community Representative Group*
News from Department of Transport: The Department of Transport (DoT) in 
conjunction with VicRoads, Yarra Trams and the City of Yarra are 
developing new level access tram stops in Bridge Road between Punt Road 
and Church Street. YarraBUG has been asked to be a member of the 
representative group. If you are interested in this project, would like 
more information and can provide feedback about this process, please 
contact Chris 0407 825 467 (yes, the mobile now works again ;) or email: 
telstar[AT]cfsmtb.net. The tenure for the Community Representative Group 
is expected to be no more than 6 months commencing May / June 2011. The 
Community Representative Group could be expected to meet monthly. 
Meetings will be held in the Richmond Town Hall.

***5. Sustainable Transport Officer role at Yarra City Council*
News from Kate (2): Hi all, as some of you may know I am off on 
maternity leave shortly and the Sustainable Transport Officer role here 
at Yarra will be backfilled. I would be very pleased if you could pass 
this information on to your networks.  For the PD etc. click below or 
feel free to get in contact for a chat using the details below. My 
intended last day is June 9th.Cheers, Kate
More at: http://cityofyarra.mhr.com.au/jobdetail.asp?jobid=2538
Kate Simnett, Sustainable Transport Officer, City of Yarra PO Box 168 
Richmond 3121, Monday - Thursday, T (03) 9205 5734,  M 0438 616 097 F 
(03) 8417-6666
E kate.simnett[AT]yarracity.vic.gov.au

*6. **Cycling Course in Yarra - Cycling from a motorist's perspective - 
starts Wednesday 11th May 2011*
News from Kate (3): The hook turn might pose a challenge to some car 
drivers but that's the least of worries for Yarra's cyclists. Whether 
your bicycle has fixed gears or not, negotiating roads and footpaths 
carrying a constant flow of vehicles and pedestrians can be enough to 
turn some people off the two-wheel commute.
However, you don't have to feel that way. A free course starting in May 
aims to give people tips on staying safe while cycling. It will do this 
by asking participants to see cycling from a motorist's perspective. 
Presented by five experienced commuter cyclists, the course gets into 
gear on Wednesday 11 May. Split into two hour sessions held each 
Wednesday (from 5.30pm-7.30pm), the course will take place at the 
Fitzroy Town Hall over five consecutive weeks.

The first four sessions will provide advice on how to cycle without 
dedicated lanes, how to dress, and how to carry cargo and kids, secure 
your bike, gain health and fitness, and stay safe.The final session will 
get participants onto the road and rail system to experience just how 
effective Melbourne's bike and rail combination can be. Course numbers 
are limited to 24 people.For bookings, contact Frank Fisher on 0428 862 
693. For further information, contact Kate Simnett, Sustainable 
Transport Officer, on 9205 5734 or at Kate.Simnett[AT]yarracity.vic.gov.au

*7. Stonnington Bicycle Users' Group*
News from St Kilda Cycling Club: That's a Bicycle User's Group, not a 
six legged inner city creepy-crawly!  The Stonnington Bicycle Users' 
Group is reforming and they are looking for people who live, work, study 
or play in Stonnington, or who ride through, to register their 
interest.  Please contact Hedley Finger, Coordinator, Stonnington BUG 
Initiative, or call on 0412 461 558 (hedley.finger[AT]gmail.com, 
Subject=Stonnington BUG - SKCC link).  The bicycle user's group needs 
your input to guide the Council on cycling related matters and on how to 
continuously improve cycling facilities and amenity in the area. The 
Stonnington BUG is looking to hold an informal meeting and will notify 
all interested people about the venue, date, and time.


*8. Yarra Valley Water: Abbotsford sewage works - Walmer St Bridge - 
Expect delays and closures on Main Yarra Trail, Abbotsford near Walmer 
Street Bridge between April - November 2011.*
News from City of Yarra: Residents are advised that Yarra Valley Water 
will be carrying out works on a sewer pipe that runs under the Yarra 
River at Walmer Street, Abbotsford. Works will take place on both sides 
of the river and are expected to begin on Wednesday 27 April. It is 
expected that the works will be completed in late October 2011. One lane 
of the shared pedestrian/cyclist path near Walmer Street will be closed 
to traffic while the works are taking place.

Pedestrians and cyclists will still be able to use part of the path and 
the route will remain open throughout the period of the works. The 
Walmer Street footbridge will also remain open.
Construction will occur between the hours of 7.30am -- 5.00pm from 
Monday -- Friday. Some Saturday work may also be required on occasion. 
Please note this is a Yarra Valley Water project. For more information 
about the works, please visit the Yarra Valley Water website.
Further information: Shem Macdonald, Project Manager  - Yarra Valley 
Water, 9872 2531, Kristian Demsky, Community Engagement Adviser - Yarra 
Valley Water,9872 2601
More at: 

9. Shared Path Upgrade - Inner Circle Railway at Linear Park Reserve
*News from City of Yarra: Council will be upgrading the shared paths on 
the Inner Circle Railway at Linear Park Reserve in May 2011. The works 
will replace the existing narrow asphalt path with a three metre wide 
concrete path between Brunswick Street North and St Georges Road. Work 
on the realignment is expected to take place from 2 May -- 27 May 2011. 
During this time cyclists and pedestrians will not be able to access 
sections of the path in Linear Park. Users of the main shared path route 
will be diverted in two directions -- eastbound cyclists will be 
diverted along Park Street, and westbound cyclists will be diverted to 
Railway Place and Holden Street.The works will take place in four phases.

    * 2 May: Tree and weed removals
    * 2 May - 27 May: Concrete and asphalt paving works
    * June 2011: Tree planting
    * June 2011: Tree understory planting

More at: 

/NB: //Find more rides + events on our listings page: 
*10. Melburn Roobaix 2011 - Hell of the Northcote - Sunday 26th June 2011*
The Queen of the Suburban classics is back for 2011. Join the LIST on 
the MELBURN ROOBAIX page to be emailed when registration is live. For 
those unfamiliar with what has been a cycling cult classic over the past 
5 years, Melburn Roobaix is a cycle rally based on the French spring 
classic 'Paris-Roubaix' which is one of the oldest cycle races in the 
world. Like the French version the route incorporates some of Melburn's 
longest and bumpiest cobbled pave sectors, dirt tracks, cycle paths and 
finishes at the Brunswick outdoor velodrome. Unlike the French version 
there are no prizes for first, second or third. It is not a race.There 
will be lycra. There will be long socks. There will be baggy shorts. 
There will be skinny jeans. No matter what sect of the cycling religion 
you follow, there will be fellow bretheren. 100 days and counting. 
Internationals and interstaters, book your flights now! Select your 
bike, your gearing, your tyre width and pressure and start searching for 
every back alley, cobbled lane, dirt track in preparation for the 6th 
annual MELBURN ROOBAIX - Hell of the Northcote.

*Hopefully it will be 3rd time lucky, come noon this Friday 29 April & 
the registration page works .. more at: http://www.fyxomatosis.com*

*11. Cycle Confidence Training - Sundays throughout 2011 *
City of Darebin is offering CycleWise training for adults. Monthly 
Sunday course throughout the year. If you can ride, but are not 
confident on the road, try this fun 5 hour course. The course Includes 
basic riding skills, bike set up, safety checks, confidence riding in 
traffic, where to ride & more. Free for concession card holders, 
refundable booking fee of $40/ $40 full fee.
Course dates in 2011 :May 15th / June 5th / Sep 11th / Oct 9th /  Nov 13th
Contact Max at Jika Jika Community Centre 9482 5100 or email 

*12. Swap Meet - BRING, BUY, SWAP, SELL - Saturday 30th April 2011*
Precious bicycle stuff, classic, vintage - all welcome - tell your 
friends 9am-1pm, rear of Abbotsford Cycles.  27 Swan St, Richmond (under 
the station) Melbourne.
SELLERS SET UP - 8 - 9 am   $10 fee. BROWSERS & BUYERS: 9am-1 pm, $ gold 
coin donation. Contact Charlie Farren: farren[AT]onedaysoon.net

*13. COGS MTB Day 2011 - Sunday May 1st 2011*
News from bikeNow: Hi all and welcome to the Mountain Bike Day to be 
held on Sunday May 1st 2011. The day is open to anyone who is interested 
in learning mountain bike riding skills and having some fun. This event 
is suitable for people who are confident riding 20km or more. Warren has 
planned a fun course with some scenic spots on route. The Ride:There 
will be a safety briefing plus preliminary instructions for about an 
hour followed by approx three hours on and off the bike, half of which 
will be riding and half of which will be practicing and correcting our 
new skills. The ride is probably equivalent to about 40-50km flat road 
ride in terms of demand on your fitness levels. It will involve some 
steep ascents and descents which you can walk if you'd prefer. This is a 
refined program and you should not be fearful as you'll be in good hands 
and feel very competent by lunchtime!

Venue and Meeting points (see map) Meet at 8.00 am -If you require a 
lift or you need your bike transported meet at the South Melbourne 
BikeNOW shop (free parking) on the cnr of Kingsway and Park St
Start at 9.00am - Scarlett Cafe -- 1706 Burwood Hwy/Main St Belgrave -- 
about 100mtrs from the roundabout (check Metro for train times if you're 
taking the train) As always there'll be time for a quick coffee before 
we depart at 9.15am! The cost for the day is $50 which includes guides. 
If you need a bike add another $25. It is advised that you hire a bike 
if yours isn't decent (as a guide, worth more than $500). The bike will 
be a big factor in how much you enjoy the day! Bring along extra $$ for 
our lunch stop at Macawber Tavern
More at: http://www.newsletter.bikenow.com.au/tours/COGSMTB2011-info.htm

*14. Retro Ride - Sunday 1st May 2011*
Meet at Cafe Racer, 15A Marine Pde St Kilda. When: 9.30am first Sunday 
of every month. Distance: 50km Relaxed Pace. Cost: Free
Cyclo Retro proudly presents the Retro Ride 50km Beach Rd, St Kilda to 
Mordialloc and back. This is free ride for any cyclist who loves the 
older style steel frames and the retro gear to get together and give the 
bikes an outing, while sharing knowledge and experiences from the 
earlier years of cycling. Starting at Cafe Racer in St Kilda at 9.30am, 
the ride will take a relaxed pace to Mordialloc where the ride will stop 
for a 30min rest and a chat about the bikes and gear. Then slowly return 
to St Kilda for a final coffee at Cafe Racer. More at: www.cycloretro.com

15. Cities for People -- A Lecture by Jan Gehl - Monday 2nd May 2011*
In his new book Cities for People, Gehl writes "City life and regard for 
people in city space must have a key role in the planning of cities and 
built-up areas". Renowned Danish architect Jan Gehl, and frequent 
visitor to Melbourne, will discuss his new book, his life long 
experience of urban development and the increasing connections between 
physical form and human behaviour.  Join this timely conversation as 
Melburnians grapple with the issues of growth, liveability and 
sustainability.Moderators: Professor Rob Adams, Director of City Design 
for the City of Melbourne and Jill Garner, Associate Victorian 
Government Architect, The Office of Victorian Government Architect will 
form a panel discussion with Jan Gehl following his lecture.

Date: Monday 2 May 2011, 6.00 to 7.30pm ­ entry from 5.30pm
Venue: Lower Town Hall, Melbourne Town Hall, Swanston Street, Melbourne
Cost:  Free Entry. RSVP: Essential: 
melbourne.conversations[AT]melbourne.vic.gov.au (RSVP Jan Gehl lecture 
in the subject line) or  telephone (03) 9658 8549
More Info: 

*16. 21st BAD Ride 2011 Ballarat Cycling Tour - Sunday 1st May 2011*
50 Km and 100 km routes from Ballarat to Dean and return - all on sealed 
roads. Start -- 9 am Pleasant Street Primary School. 25 Km Scenic ride 
circuit from Moorabool Reservoir on sealed and gravel roads
suit mountain and hybrid bikes only. Start -- 10.15 am Moorabool Reservoir.
More at: http://www.badride.com.au/

*17. Pink Cargo Bike Ride - Saturday May 7th 2011*
News from Emmy: The first Pink Cargo Bike Ride! Join us for a 10 km tour 
along the beach; start with a coffee and have a picnic the end! 
Supporting the national breast cancer foundation... so come as PINK as 
you can get! For everyone on a (cargo) bike. Saturday May 7, 2011.  
Start 9.00am at playground North Rd Point Brighton (pirate ship) Finish 
around midday at the playground in Black Rock next to the clock tower, 
have a picnic to end a perfect morning! Cycling is all along Beach rd on 
the bike track. Pink box for donations will be on site. Ticket: $10,- 
for a family, pay on the day.  Register at info[AT]dutchcargobike.com.au
More at: http://www.dutchcargobike.com.au/

*18. BressXpress MTB Winery Ride - Sunday May 15th**2011*
**BressXpress is a fun mountain bike ride through the scenic vineyards, 
orchards and bush surrounds of Bress Winery, 3894 Calder Highway, 
Harcourt, Victoria (just off the Calder freeway).
All ages and skill levels are welcome. Enter as individuals or teams. 
The challenge is to complete as many 3km laps as you can in 90 minutes. 
(Teams swap riders at the end of each lap)
Also available on the day: Sausage sizzle, hot and cold drinks, wine 
tasting and winery tours, family cricket and more. Ample shelter if it 
is wet.
Entry cost: Individual $15, Team of two $25, Family (2+2) $40. When: 
Sunday May 15th, Registration 10.00am, Ride Starts 10.30am Any 
questions? Contact The Bike Vault on 5470 6333 or 
More at: https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=167324916659028


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