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Wed Apr 7 22:58:26 AEST 2010

Dear Colleagues,

You are invited to present your views on improving public transport for Melbourne.  The surveys below have been developed by the Metropolitan Transport Forum - MTF (of 18 Melbourne Councils including the City of Yarra), through its pt4me2 project.  The surveys are open until 30 April so don't put off and miss the closing date.

The MTF will collate the survey results to present to the Premier, the Minister for Public Transport, and opposition parties.  It is hoped to have as many Melburnians as possible completing the surveys to maximise their impact in this critical election year and in future State budgets.

Looking forward to you contributing your views.  You are also invited to send surveys on to friend/s.
Also note the under 18 survey for young people, for whom public transport is especially vital.

Cr Jackie M Fristacky
Councillor, City of Yarra
Chair, Metropolitan Transport Forum
jackie.fristacky at yarracity.vic.gov.au
Phone: 0412 597 794

Click here for a web view <http://e2ma.net/map/view=CampaignPublic/id=25365.8153366265/rid=fe4f9289356eb3d4e53bb1f315adc501>



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Add your ideas on how
to improve public transport today.
Visit pt4me2 to comment<http://e2ma.net/go/8153366265/2707909/93299225/25365/goto:http:/www.pt4me2.org.au/>

What moves you? What moves your vote?

What would make our public transport better? Have your say by doing the pt4me2 surveys before 30 April 2010.

Click here to have your say
Under 18 - there's a special youth survey here<http://e2ma.net/go/8153366265/2707909/93299227/25365/goto:https:/editpostie.e2ma.net/app2/survey/25365/17924/e1360bb117/>

You are invited to say how you would improve public transport in Melbourne. There are surveys about trains<http://e2ma.net/go/8153366265/2707909/93299228/25365/goto:https:/editpostie.e2ma.net/app2/survey/25365/17702/1a4d9a0c21/>, buses <http://e2ma.net/go/8153366265/2707909/93299229/25365/goto:https:/editpostie.e2ma.net/app2/survey/25365/17777/6939b015cc/> and trams<http://e2ma.net/go/8153366265/2707909/93299230/25365/goto:https:/editpostie.e2ma.net/app2/survey/25365/17776/fc90faeb4f/>, together with local surveys for the East<http://e2ma.net/go/8153366265/2707909/93299231/25365/goto:https:/editpostie.e2ma.net/app2/survey/25365/18448/2cd16a1c4a/>, North<http://e2ma.net/go/8153366265/2707909/93299232/25365/goto:https:/editpostie.e2ma.net/app2/survey/25365/18447/2316788c9a/>, North-East<http://e2ma.net/go/8153366265/2707909/93299233/25365/goto:https:/editpostie.e2ma.net/app2/survey/25365/19275/85479d77bc/>, South-East<http://e2ma.net/go/8153366265/2707909/93299234/25365/goto:https:/editpostie.e2ma.net/app2/survey/25365/19322/2020a33f44/>, West <http://e2ma.net/go/8153366265/2707909/93299235/25365/goto:https:/editpostie.e2ma.net/app2/survey/25365/19143/14798b412a/> and inner suburbs<http://e2ma.net/go/8153366265/2707909/93299236/25365/goto:https:/editpostie.e2ma.net/app2/survey/25365/18268/3c8753267d/> of Melbourne.

Each survey only takes a minute or two - and it will be worth it - because we'll be presenting the results to all the major parties in May.

And with public transport set to be a crucial election issue, the major parties are sure to be listening!

Click here to see the list of surveys<http://e2ma.net/go/8153366265/2707909/93299237/25365/goto:http:/www.pt4me2.org.au/>

PS Thanks eveyone, we've had over 6,000 responses so far. With your help (by forwarding this to your friends) we might make it to 10,000 by the close on 30 April!


pt4me2.org.au<http://e2ma.net/go/8153366265/2707909/93299238/25365/goto:http:/www.pt4me2.org.au/> is a project of the Metropolitan Transport Forum representing 18 municipalities across Melbourne.

Members of MTF: Cities of Banyule, Boroondara, Casey, Darebin, Glen Eira, Hume, Kingston, Manningham, Maribyrnong, Melbourne, Moonee Valley, Moreland, Port Phillip, Stonnington, Whitehorse, Whittlesea, Yarra and Shire of Nillumbik.

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