[publictransport] Don't leave us all in suspense...

Brianna Laugher brianna.laugher at gmail.com
Wed Feb 6 23:54:28 AEDT 2008

On 06/02/2008, justruss <justruss at internode.on.net> wrote:
> Don't leave us all in suspense – how did the meeting go with the PT
> minister?

Sorry :)

OK, here we go...
Present were lots of cycling groups and 4 people from DOI including
Kosky. She admitted they made a mistake (well, we noticed ;)). This is
what I think will happen, what they will try and make happen:

- ban will be lifted (this is my surmising)
- provisions made to allow folding bikes on all PT (she seems to like them)
- signage
- trial of Connex carriage refitting on certain line, certain services
- V/L optional booking system? maybe - I got the impression this issue
came up in the first plce because of complaints V/Line had received
(rather than Connex)
- she doesn't like removing seats, really really not
- she wants to avoid a reverse backlash onto cyclists - and this is a
fair point.
- she doesn't want to introduce a charge
- realistically overcrowding is not going away
- better bike parking options - cages, CCTV
- and she actually said "thankyou" for raising our (and everyone
else's) campaign, in effect. :)

So the plan from here:
- DOI will be in contact with the groups who were at the meeting
today, before making her public announcement
- plan for a future meeting with her and Tim Palace

I think she wants to announce that the ban will be lifted + XYZ future
measures, yay look at our forward planning. So it is a matter of
sorting out what X, Y and Z will exactly be.

After this meeting Jill & I had coffee with Harry & Jason from BV.
(Everyone's on a first name basis now ;))

It was quite interesting. I personally was very, very pleased with
their revised statement and apology released last week - if they had
said those sorts of things a month ago I wouldn't be here right now.

So my impression is that they were just treading much more cautiously
than they had to, and didn't really realise until now that the wind
had really changed and there is some community support behind cycling

And they made positive noises about releasing more information to
members (website?) about what they are doing, who they are meeting,
what they are proposing - even if it's not successful.

So... you know... lots of apologetic and positive talk, but talk is
cheap! We await the actions! :)

My apologies if this is not too coherent, as Chris alluded to I am not
quite 100%, but just ask questions and I will fill in any blanks.


They've just been waiting in a mountain for the right moment:

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